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I was watching one that was sent to me actually, the topic intrigued me. It talked about herbal medicine, and it’s benefits over conventional. It was an interesting watch and quite informative. I went online to check its veracity and it turns out it’s pretty accurate. I found a good source of info if you’re interested. If you are you can visit here for herbs.

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Bob Willey

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  1. Gracielly says:

    Last summer drunig the Lewiston Garden Show I stopped in at Bob’s for the first time (as a distraction from the plants). I expected to see an ordinary store with ordinary books, instead I walked out with an incredible first edition of Witness . I don’t remember much about the gardens but I’ll never forget Bob’s Olde Bookstore. Every shelf is an eclectic’s delight. I thought, this is the place to shop for the library I’ve always wanted. During a visit to the area last week again I found myself there hypnotized. D.R.Smith, Erie PA

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